Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam

The Body was the overall title for a series of six exhibitions that took place at Het Nieuwe Instituut in 2016. Each exhibition was about the human body and how it is monitored, viewed, and shaped by society.

As a design team we were commissioned to create a campaign that encompassed all six subjects in the exhibition series. Through this mandate we came up with the idea of BODY Magazine, a fictional magazine that looked at the human body through the lens of science and technology.

The magazine's initial design consisted of blank boxes surrounded by articles and information pertaining to the exhibitions. After this we painted directly onto the magazine, writing commentary, drawing images, and highlighting specific content.

We then took the magazine apart and made posters for the six exhibitions, using the cover of the magazine for the background in each instance. Similarly the invitation for the opening exhibition used the contents page while all other multimedia aspects, such as the website and associated video trailers, appeared as advertisements for BODY Magazine.


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